Career Guidance For Doctors

Career Guidance For Doctors

Doctor is the only professional that is considered next to the God by the patients he cures. Body of a living being is the most sophisticated as well as the simplest working machine on this earth. Like any other man made machine this also gets wear and tear and need repairs at times. And the person who is apt to repair this machine is known as  Medicine Doctor in today’s parlance. 

There was a time when this noblest work was considered as a service to the mankind and its creator. This was not at all considered as a profession. But with the passing time and materialization of anything and everything this noble service has also takes the shape of a profession. But even then the doctor’s at least in this part of the world are considered next to the God. This is still considered as the noblest profession in the world in spite of its losing some of its respect because of the misdeeds of some of its fraternity members. Although huge fee is charged for saving and curing the creation of the God but still most of this fraternity member consider it as their obligation to do justice to their duty with utmost care and honesty leaving some inhumane ones. 

With the changed living conditions, lifestyles and high-stress levels there has been an increase in the diseases and ailments affecting the large population all over the world and specially the third world including Indian subcontinent, thereby making the role of a doctor even more important in today’s context.

Besides this, with approx. diabetes patients in India by couple of decades and several millions suffering from changed lifestyle diseases like hypertension and cancer, communicable diseases like , dengue, tuberculosis and malaria, India is set to fight a battle against these diseases for which it will require a large and efficient team of dedicated doctors. So there is a good scope for today’s younger generation to make their carrier in medicine to claim not only good monetary fortunes but also high respect in the society.

So to be a doctor requires a lot of hard work, dedication and spirit to serve the society although with some remuneration in lieu of providing its services. Besides one should have discipline, patience, commitment to excel in their respective field and self-confidence. If you have all these qualities in you then you are fit for being a doctor as it is such a field that a mistake of yours can take a precious life and ruing a family’s fortunes.

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