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AIPMCA (Online/Offline Exam)

AIPMCA is an exam system made to solve the student issues and the Country which realised the importance of number of Doctors in India. The Country due to this unexpected COVID-19 issue and Lockdowns realised the necessity of Doctors and hence this AIPMCA programme has been launched. Students are facing few problems in getting admissions in Medical Colleges. Student faces majorly two issues

  1. Economic Issues
  2. NEET Score Issues

These two issues can be solved through AIPMCA Online exam. Eligible students can get Scholarship in their Annual Fee of their Medical College. Also the students who are not getting any seat through NEET Score then AIPMCA eligible candidates can get free admission in Medical Colleges but NEET Eligibility is utmost important. Also the AIPMCA will provide Free Coaching for the AIPMCA eligible Students who will take admissions in Foreign Medical College/University. AIPMCA will also provide Free Counselling to AIPMCA Eligible Students who will come back to India after Competing their Medical Course from Foreign Medical Colleges for FMGE Exam. AIPMCA will give a guaranteed FMGE Exam clearance. After eligibility in FMGE Exam the student can get Registration for Medical Practitioner in India. This AIPMCA Exam is designed by keeping in mind that there is a big vacancy in Medical Doctors in India and due to high Fee Structure in Private Medical Colleges and also due to not competing FMGE Exam and not getting Registration as Medical Practitioner in India they sit hopeless and hence many students who dream to become a Doctor one day cant fulfil their dreams. Then here comes AIPMCA. This time AIPMCA will conduct Online/Offline Exam.  The Marks will be calculated on the basis of 50% of AIPMCA Online Exam score + 25% of NEET Score + 25% of 12th/Intermediate Marks. The ranking here in AIPMCA will be decided on this overall marks basis. With our easy online test maker you will set up your own engaging exams that fit any kind of difficulty level. Build and create your online exams & tests with great ease and provide your users with appropriate feedback, so they will have a rich learning experience. 

AIPMCA will provide registered students:-

  • Exam Software with 17000 Questions to practice at home without Internet in your own Computer.
  • Online Exam just before NEET Exam as Practice test for NEET-2020 even through Mobile.
  • Online/Offline Exam of AIPMCA-2020.



  • Fill the AIPMCA Online Registration Form.
  • Make an Online payment of Registration Fee based on your Category.
  • The Fee for General Category is 2,500/- INR, for OBC 2,100/- INR, for SC/ST 1,500/- INR.
  • Your Login User ID will be your Registered Email ID/Mobile No..
  • Your Login Password will be the Password you made while Registering.
  • The total number of questions will be 180.
  • 45 questions each subject. Biology: (Zoology) 45 questions, (Botany) 45 questions, Physics 45 questions, Chemistry 45 questions.
  • Every question will be of the marks 4.
  • The Exam will be of 3 hours period.
  • There will be negative marking also, every negative answer will get 1 negative marks.
  • The maximum total marks will be 720.

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AIPMCA-(UG) 2020 Registration for MBBS Course in India & Outside India. (August 2020 Session) NEW
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